Disaster Preparedness

Background Information

The Scott — St Louis NDTA Chapter encourages its members to look for opportunities to assist local, regional, state, and national organizations that aid citizens during and after disasters and other situations requiring the marshalling of area-wide resources. Individuals should start with a personal assessment of their talents and their desires to assist; family members could also be considered.

As volunteers, you will NOT be obligated to attend any training session or respond to any specific disaster unless you wish to do so. There will be opportunities for greater involvement after completion of some initial training. For example, with minimal training and a desire to help, you could be called on to volunteer in a command center. If you have specific training or certification (CERT training or basic medical, electrical, or plumbing skills) or access to and control of certain physical assets (4 wheel vehicles, all terrain vehicles, small boats, etc.), you could bring those assets to an emergency situation.

If your personal, family, and business situation is stable and you find yourself able to provide assistance, most support agencies would welcome any level of help; however, we need to register you, your skills, and your training qualifications in order for you to have access to selected disaster sites. This is for practical, legal, and logistical reasons, as most state agencies need to control the flow of individuals into and out of selected disaster areas.

Our Chapter will gather and maintain information on your volunteer status and your skills and qualifications. Initially, we will release this information only to Belleville, O’Fallon, and St Clair County offices. We will advise them that there are volunteers within their areas of jurisdiction, to include your skills and qualifications. Depending on local procedures, you may/will be contacted by these agencies. We expect this information will center on local programs, contact information, training opportunities, or specific requests to volunteer during disaster situation.